Cold & Flu & Training

Exercising Sick – good or bad idea?
Winter is nearly upon us and the risk of getting colds, flus and infections starts to impact athletes training schedules.  I have therefore been prompted to do a little research on whether the advice I give my athletes is sound or not.  I’m happy to see that not only has my cautious approach got plenty of merit but there is increasing evidence that exercising when you have certain systemic illnesses is potentially harmful in the long term.

What type of

Schools Cycling 101

As one aspect of the sporting year comes to a close another begins.  While I figured that I would have more free time in September after the time poor months watching too much Le Tour and Olympics, how wrong I was.  I’ve been coaching the Senior Boys Cycling squad at Auckland Grammar School the last 3 years and September was crunch time for us.

Some intriguing dynamics became apparent to me over the last 5-6 weeks whilst helping the next generation of cyclists do their thing.  Some made me

Why Get A Coach

I am constantly approached for coaching advice from people of all abilities and ages.  Some of them know nothing about cycling, whereas some of them believe they already know everything.  All of them want to know what benefits there would be in getting a coach and how it’s going to help their performance.  While one coach won’t necessarily suit every athlete, I believe that every athlete can benefit from finding a coach that suits their needs and personality.



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