Coaching Services

Personalised Coaching
• An individualised program designed specifically for you.
• An initial consultation to ascertain strengths, weaknesses, relevant training history, ability, time constraints and goals.
• Unlimited communication between coach and athlete.
• Season plan using a structured, periodised format.
• Specific guidance on every session
• Cost: $200 initial and annual setup and planning fee + $50 per week ongoing (incl.GST)

Skills Sessions
• On the road practical session tailored to individual needs.
• Improve pedalling technique and posture.
• Practice correct climbing and descending technique.
• Fine tune sprinting technique.
• Learn safe and faster cornering tips.
• Cost: $90 per hour (individual) or group sessions upon request.

Training Consultations
• Learn from the experts with a one on one sit down training theory session with one of our coaches.
• Receive relevant examples of training theory to add to your current training.
• Understand the benefits of periodization and a structured training approach.
• Learn how to make the most of your technology with lessons on using your Polar or Power measuring computer.
• Learn the benefits of season planning and realistic goal setting.
• Cost: $90 per hour

Bike Fit
• Biomechanical assessment and application of expert knowledge to enable you to be in the best position for injury prevention, comfort and power production.
• Cost: $100 per hour